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16bitPRNTZ is the fastest and most cost effective way to visually communicate

Painting is the practice of applying paint, pigment, color or other medium to a solid surface

What can 16bitPRNTZ do?

  • Our 16bitPRNTR is a relatively new concept. 
  • The applications are nearly limitless because it prints any digital image on virtually any surface.
  • Experience bright and durable ink which can be applied to walls, buildings, etc.
  • From signage to original art, our 16bitPRNTR can quickly produce, durable long-lasting murals on any surface, indoors or outdoors

Stop painting wall murals and start printing them

How We Can Help You?

Cost Effective

Make every dollar count. Get it done right the first time.. every time!

Investment Maximized

We use our 16bitPRNTR to have your image printed on with 100% percent accuracy it can even avoid things we don't want to paint.

User Friendly Service

Quick - No Cleanup, No Large Crew, Customized prints, easily accept payments and schedule your service request all in one convenient place.

We are not your traditional paint service

The Action or Skill of Using Paint

We are a custom paint service that you can use for both residential or commercial use.

We can have that image printed where you need it without the hassle of a large painting crew.

Wall mural services will send you a mural which you build and install we are like a wall mural service for real life.

2d PRNTZ Pricing

Length x Width = Size of the image you want
$ 36
Sq. Ft.
  • Any additions (if any requested) are handled seamlessly in our software no hassle to the customer
  • We're on the cutting edge seamless customer focused experience
  • Spend your time being creative ; we're here to assist
  • Upfront Pricing - No shady salesman tactics

Home Projects

Easily add value to your home both inside and out. Any room concept, Man Cave, She Shed, Pool House.. the list goes on

Fast Service to you!

We dispatch our expert Artisans to you to have your services professional installed
Quick! From 12 to over 800 sq ft per hour.

Mobile, Versatile, Easy

Easy to transport, move, set up, and maintain. Any project will benefit from our flexibility and small crew needed to complete a print

Business Projects

Our service is able adapt to virtually any scenario. Business can vastly improve their operations, safety, advertising

Color Box

Can print 100% water proof inks to virtually any surface both porous and non-porous
Ultrasonic sensors detect wall smoothness, adjusting as it goes

Value of 16bitPRNTR

Print 3D effects
HD, up to 1440 dpi
UV Protected
Can print up to 12' high and any width - scaffolding, no height limt for largest murals


Our Artisans use some of the latest technology available to deliver services to enhance your everyday life. Whether its your home, business, project, hobby, passion or anything in between we are here to help!


Phone: 609-212-4114

Email: [email protected]

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